• 1997


    On June 8, 1997, DEMPO took the first step in the sector with a leading company mission.The first packaging production was recorded as 50x70, 54 grams. From that day until 2003, we exports completely and strengthened our position in the sector.
  • 2002
    The packaging material obtained by the stretching process in both directions BOPP Laminated Pouches, was first imparted to Turkey by our industry.
  • 2009
    Our growing company has been growing by increasing the capacity and we have added power to the new machines we have added to our factory.
  • 2013
    We have also signed a first in the field of education.We were the first company to give vocational training certificates of the sector by writing the "Round Weaving Vocational Training" module in our work with Karatay Public Education Center.
  • 2014
    We started our first AR-GE work in our company.
  • 2015
    Our AR-GE infrastructure has expanded and we have started collecting the fruits of PP + Kraft product for the first time. Our annual production capacity has gained a great momentum by producing 160 million titles out of 60 million units.
  • 2016
    As we developed, investments grew. In 2016, we invested in state-of-the-art products with a giant investment.
  • 2018
    Our company earned the trademark registration in Europe.Today, we have crowned our "always ahead" mission with 24 countries, more than 240 employees and a production capacity of 160 million per year.We continue to add value to our market with our cutting-edge investments and disciplined working principles.As DEMPO we continue to work diligently with the value we give to AR-GE culture and we have adopted the principle of giving many innovations to the sector.Our company has adopted the principles of community health, hygiene and sensitivity to the environment. while continuing with the concept of providing quality solutions to management understanding, professional staff and customer demands.